Emergency Prescription Refills for County Employees

That Are Evacuated Due To natural disaster


The Texas Association of Counties has made special arrangements to assist our members of the Health and Employee Benefits Pool in the event of an official evacuation.Because prescriptions may be left behind or run out due to an emergency evacuation, for those enrolled in our program have been granted the following allowances if unable to fill prescriptions at your normal pharmacy.


In a true emergency, we have made arrangements for you to obtain a one time only 10-day supply of medication for no copay to get you through this time of need.If you need this assistance, call the Customer Care number at (800) 552-8159 and let the representative know you need the override as well as what medications you need to obtain. Once the Customer Care representative enters the override in the system you will be able to go to the pharmacy to fill your prescription.You will need a valid prescription either on file with the pharmacy or from a doctor.Some prescriptions may need your doctor�s verification before filling.


KEEP YOUR CAREMARK AND BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD CARD WITH YOU.The information on these cards is necessary to get you the care that you need with minimal disruption. Both are nationwide networks and a customer service number is provided on the back of each card.




If you have your prescriptions at a large CHAIN pharmacy (i.e.; WalMart, Walgreens, Brookshire Brothers, etc.), you should be able to go to the local branch of that chain pharmacy and have your prescription transferred to your current location for filling.Once you return home, you will need to have it transferred back to your regular pharmacy. If there are no local branches accessible to you, please follow the instructions below.




If you have your prescriptions at a local pharmacy that is closed or is not accessible to you due to the hurricane, you will need to have a doctor call in a new prescription to a pharmacy where you are located, or to the Caremark mail order facility.If you want to use the Caremark mail order pharmacy, please have an address ready where the medicine can be sent.


If you cannot reach your local doctor to call in a prescription, you can see a doctor where you are located.�� Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has made your health care records electronically available to physicians across the state so that you can continue to receive excellent health care while you are away from home.




Cold Pack medicines are shipped via Fed Ex.Please call Specialty Pharmacies at 800-237-2767.




Caremark Customer Care:To temporarily change your address if you need mail order prescriptions delivered to your current location, call 800-552-8159.


Caremark Mail Order Pharmacy:For doctor to fax in a prescription:866-378-0323

For doctor to call in a prescription:800-378-5697����


Policy is subject to change and time limitations upon evaluation by TAC HEBP.